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Sep Medicare's hospice care let my father die with dignity.

Marco Rubio: If reports true, Congress will act

Apr Not amnesty: Feb Voted against funding stem cell research. However, he broke with many in Marco rubio party by helping draft immigration legislation that offered a pathway to citizenship for those illegally in the United States who met certain conditions.

Feb Backed out of Race for the Cure over abortion funding fight. Jun 25 years ago, Marco rubio husband made many mistakes. Feb If we don't know who you are, you don't get into America.

Apr Consensus that life begins at conception; so no Marco rubio. Feb Simplify our tax code; reduce the tax burden. The important thing is that when you sell arms to a country, so, it's true what he said that they can buy from China, Russia or anybody else. Nov Each generation has left America better, until now.

Nov The "success sequence"--education and kids after marriage. Marco rubio Marco Rubio on Technology. Oct Develop policies that embrace reality of globalization. May Human activity is not causing climate change. Marco rubio Oct Co-sponsored bill to prevent "soring" of show horses. This state legislation had been proposed by a special committee chaired by Rubio prior to his speakership.

Feb Oppose Obama stimulus package; it's bad for America. Jun Strategized in 3-way race to split Dem. Feb Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is unconstitutional.

Nov Allow transferring surplus campaign funds to other campaigns. Mar Oppose amnesty in any reform. Nov Florida has obvious advantages in solar energy. Their sharpest clash involved the governor's initiative to expand casino gambling in Florida.

In Marchthe New York Times reported that Garcia was put in a "gray area" of the law that meant he could remain in the U. Jan Send more terrorists to Gitmo; find out everything they know. Burning desire that kids have it better. Rubio sued Crist for bypassing the Florida Legislature in order to make a deal with the Seminole Tribe.

Interned for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Feb Choose more freedom instead of more government. Oct Extend Bush tax cuts, even for high earners. Jun We cannot keep God out of our lives, even in public realm.

It undermines our credibility and our moral authority around the planet to go after regimes like Putin's or Maduro in Venezuela or others. Jun Improve state-provided services for kids with disabilities.

Apr Opposes granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Email The following is a transcript of the interview with Republican Sen. I can- I can accept this and that is that we're going to have a debate about human contribution because scientists are saying that and, you know, a few are saying not- something different.

Jan This election is a generational choice about 21st century.

Marco Rubio

His parents were Cubans who immigrated to the United States inprior to the rise of Fidel Castro in January What I can debate is public policy. In Marchthe New York Times reported that Garcia was put in a "gray area" of the law that meant he could remain in the U.

Aug Without America, the world would be a worse place. Jul Opposes passage of Cap-and-Trade energy legislation. Marco Rubio was elected to the U.S. Senate representing Florida in After an unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he was re-elected to the Senate in Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on Marco Rubio.

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To discuss your case with someone on my staff, please contact the office nearest you: Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Naples, Palm. For Marco Rubio, America is not just the country where he was born -- it is the place that changed his family’s history.

His parents came to America from Cuba in to pursue a better life. Jul 22,  · Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said on Sunday he doesn’t believe the FBI “spied” on President Donald Trump’s campaign, as Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed. Rubio disputed Trump. Nov 26,  · After Rubio’s Tweet Many Pointed Out Seeking Asylum Is, In Fact, a Right.

Asylum laws are complex, and there’s a lot of disagreement over what America’s obligations are and how the existing.

Marco rubio
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Marco Rubio: ‘Asylum Is Not a Right, It’s a Generosity’ |