I was gonna do my homework but then i got high lyrics afroman

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adj. Like, if you're gonna get high, doing it in my neighborhood is the place to do it. It is a pretty good neighborhood. Most of it is protected by fire hydrants.

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Johner Brothers- My Brother & Me Johner Brothers- Ten More Miles Johnny Crash- Neighborhood Threat Joker Jon & Vangelis- B/O Jon & Vangelis- Page of Life Jones, George; All-Time GH V1 I Am What I Am Anniversary By Request Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes Wine.

Because I Got High Lyrics by Afroman at Lyrics On Demand. Because I Got High Lyrics by Afroman La da da da da da La, Da Daaa, La da da da, La da da da, La da da daaa I was gonna clean my room until I got high I gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high I was gonna pay my child support but then I got high they took my whole.

I was gonna do my homework but then i got high lyrics afroman
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