Does the female orgasm have a function

Female Orgasm: Serving an Evolutionary Function?

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Where does the female orgasm come from? Scientists think they know

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Female Orgasm: Serving an Evolutionary Function?

Some individuals may experience muscle spasms in the hands, feet or face as muscle tension increases. These stimulations lead to an increase of parasympathetic—the relaxed portion of the autonomic, involuntary nervous system—activity along the pelvic nerves.

Where does the female orgasm come from? Scientists think they know

Dec 11,  · The byproduct hypothesis states that female orgasm doesn't have a direct evolutionary function; rather, women experience orgasm because of men's adaptation to it.

Zietsch says he doesn't have a favorite theory on the evolutionary function of female orgasm, but if forced to guess he'd say that it provides women extra reward for engaging in sex, thus. Is the female orgasm simply a by-product of the female’s embryological similarity to males (like why males have nipples that serve no pragmatic function)?

This was—and to some extent, still is—a widely believed theory until a paper titled “Genetic analysis of orgasmic function in twins and siblings does not support the by-product. Where does the female orgasm come from?

Where Does The Female Orgasm Come From? Scientists Think They Know

Scientists think they know It may have lost its biological function, but the female orgasm is here to stay. Female orgasm may have evolved beyond.

Why does the female orgasm feel so damn good? We break it down and show you precisely what happens when you're climaxing.

Want it, need it, have to have it &#; but what precisely is happening. Various people have produced a lot of "just so stories" (plausible-sounding after-the-fact explanations) about the female orgasm.

The "upsuck" theory; the idea that orgasms keep women from standing up after sex (and letting semen drain out); and other theories about how orgasm might increase.

Does the female orgasm have a function
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